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Thank you for visiting Majestic Warrior an online marketing company providing different services to help you with your online marketing efforts. We help small, medium and large businesses help gain more exposure and customers from their online marketing efforts.

You will be able to find many different tips and ideas here that can help you not only choose a great company to handle your online marketing, but also some ideas and tips that can help you with your own business. Below are some of our services and you can read more on the different services we offer by visiting those pages.

Our Services

Below you are able to find may of the services Majestic Warrior provides to its customers. We are a full service internet marketing company and we are able to provide online marketing services across the country. Contact us today and see what Majestic Warrior can do to help your business grow.

Search Engine Optimization

Majestic Warrior provides first class SEO services following all the recent changes with the Google’s algorithm changes. We follow the changes so you do not have to. As a client of Majestic Warrior, we will provide you with an in depth analysis of your website, a proper on page and off page optimization based on your needs and previous SEO that has been done to your site. In some cases we can even bring your website back from previous algorithm penalties. There are some factors involved that can determine if the website is worth trying to bring back or not. Contact us today for more information on search engine optimization and any algorithm penalties you may have suffered from.

Maps Optimization

The 7 pack also known as Google places is another form of optimization of your website. This has different requirements to help your website rank in the maps or Google places area in your local area. Although it does have different ranking factors than traditional SEO, traditional SEO and social indicators due play a role on helping your website rank in the 7 pack of Google Places.

Responsive Website Design

This is the latest and greatest for web design as it can solve your issues of not having a mobile website. Obtaining a responsive website will ensure that your main site renders properly for all devices. Mobile search is outpacing desktop searches and you need to make sure your website performs well and renders on all devices.

Mobile Web Design

Reputation Marketing & Management

Social Media Marketing

Lead Generation

Automotive Lead Generation

Medical Lead Generation

Home Improvement Lead Generation


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